Asan Service Co.,Ltd.


代表取締役社長 田中克治
Products can be used with security.
No national boundaries in providing products.
We hand on the importance of Japanese food culture to the world.

Under these policies, we have been working on the development on alcohol and food over 30 years. We have been proving the services from researching, developing, providing, offering and selling with the purpose of customer satisfactions.
For the business in Japan, we make efforts in increasing the variety of seasonings. For the purpose of more customer satisfactions, we give more teeth to serve better services and marketing.
For the overseas business, we buildup the factory facilities in order to enhance the supply and selling of food factories, restaurants, and supermarkets.
In Vietnam, we have been supplying Japanese shochu, cooking sake, cooking mirin, and processed vegetables for USA, Europe, and Japan.
Even though we are not that big companies, we always look for something blight and new to keep on making our customers satisfied with our business. Through supplying any food-related business, alcohols, and seasonings, we will keep on trying to develop our business and to be a company telling the Japanese foods’ goodness to the world. We would like to thank for your continued supports.

代表取締役社長 田中克治


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